Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beach Bag Essentials

It's that time of the year again where a lot of us are spending our summer at the beach or laying pool side. There are a few essentials that I think we all need when doing so. Here's my must haves:

1. Beach bag - The one I have is from VS. It's large and plastic on the outside and material on the inside. These are my favorite because you don't have to worry about them getting wet. 
2. iPod - or any music player of your choice. I prefer the iPod touch because of the outside speaker. 
3. Flip flops - for obvious reasons.
4. Large beach towel - to lay on. How cute is that one from VS?
5. Cover up - I love the plain white cotton ones. They go with all bathing suits. 
6. Sunblock for the face - I love the ultra sheer by neutrogena.
7. Sunblock for the body - I really like the spray kind cause they are just so much more convienient. This one by neutrogena has a cooling effect. 
8. Tanning lotion - Optional of course, but it's something I always have in my bag and my favorite is the carrot oil kind. I find it tans you the fastest.
9. Lip sunblock - This is a must have year round for me, but especially when I'm in the sun. The lips burn very easily and it's super painful so definitely keep this on you and reappply often.
10. Bottle of water - gotta stay hydrated. 
11. Hat - I love floppy beach hats or a straw fedora. 
12. Sunglasses - also a must have year round, but a necessity at the beach, b/c the white sand just amplifies the sun's rays. 
13. Hair ties - nothing worse then being hot and having your long hair stick to you. 

So those are my must haves, what are some of yours?


Alba - Petit Sweet Couture said...

cool post!!


Marina H said...

Absolutely essentials indeed.

<3 Marina

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