Monday, August 22, 2016

Makeup Storage

I've tried so many different ways to store my makeup in the past. For a while I was just using a large makeup bag, but my beauty products quickly out grew that bag.  I wanted something that would allow me to find what I was looking for quickly and not have to dig around for it. I found that these small and medium sized drawers were perfect for what I needed.

I label the drawers and have the makeup separated into categories. This is my large size organizer

I use a smaller one for eye primers, blushers and pigments. Lately I've been using this little basket to the left for my lipsticks and glosses, but I'm not loving it.  

This is a desk organizer that I've been using to store some of my MAC and misc eye shadow pallets in. It's come in handy.

What do you currently use to store your makeup and beauty items? Any suggestions on a good lipstick organizer?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

DIY detox water

Make your own detox water at home. All you need is a cucumber, lemon and mint. I happened to have some Rosemary at the house so I added a sprig of that to mine. I like drinking mine on an empty stomach. I feel like it helps you to eat less and also allows the body to absorb the nutrients better. 

For a 59 ounce bottle ( I used an old tea container) I used one full lemon half a cucumber in about one fourth cup of fresh mint leaves put it all in the container and fill with water and the next day you have refreshing detox water. This water is good for your skin, muscles and also helps to flush out toxins and extra water weight. Overall,  it's a good way for you to stay hydrated. It's especially beneficial for those who don't like to drink water, like myself. Have you tried making your own detox water? If so, what's your favorite blend?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Holy Grail Cheek Highlight

I love a good highlighter and I finally found one that is the perfect shade of gold! It's by Milani in the shade Bella Chiffon #28. 

Technically this is described as a gel powder eye shadow and it does look beautiful worn as that, but I love it as a cheek highlight. It's super creamy and blends like a dream without being chalky or shimmery. 


I got it from Walmart for less than $5, but Walgreen's sells it as well. What highlight are you loving at the moment?

Monday, September 14, 2015

#WIW - Cruise/Vacay Edition

I just got back from a week long vacay to Miami, a 4 day cruise and then Ft. Lauderdale. I thought I would share some of my outfits with you. I'm super casual on vacations. My hair will usually be in a bun or french braid 99% of the time since it's curly and I'll wear minimum to no makeup.

I saw this long line shirt on and thought it would make the perfect beach cover up and it did! I threw it on over my bikinis and was able to go straight from the beach, hop onto a trolley, grab some lunch and then do a little boutique shopping in Ft. Lauderdale.  (pay no mind to my pasty e boob there lol)

This is what I wore for the plane ride. I never wear jeans on a plane because their too constricting. These shorts are from Rue21, the top and cardigan is forever21 and the sandals are Michael Kors with my own leather and chain necklace and bracelet 

I got this romper at H&M, it makes for the perfect cover up or just casual street wear.

Miami is all about bright colors and short shorts. The top is Pink  from VS and the shorts are My favorite pair from American Eagle.

Just some arm candy and me holding a cruise ship haha. The leather and chain bracelet can be found in my shop 
I love Ft. Lauderdale! Even more so than Miami beach. It just has this more laid back vibe and is the perfect blend of City and suburb. It feels like home! The crop top is from Dillard's and the shorts are American Eagle. 
I bought this outfit with the idea of Miami South beach at night in my mind. I love the high waisted shorts paired with a bright crop top it has a sexy casual feel so it doesn't look like your trying too hard.  
I wore this fun romper from JcPenny with nude Guess wedges for Captains Night on the ship and put my hair in dutch style french braids. 

This was my casual outfit for strolling around Key West. The tank is from forever21 (can you tell I shop here often? lol) and the shorts are Abercrombie with my super comfy Croc flip flops. I can walk around for days in these.

I had such a an awesome vacation and the weather cooperated most of the time so we were pretty lucky! Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Party Time

This past Saturday we went to a friend's birthday party. Which then turned into one of the 4 am binge fest and dancing nights lol. Are those random nights the best?  
I wore These cut off shorts from American Eagle, they are seriously my favorite brand of shorts, they just fit perfectly. The top is from Tj Maxx, sunnies were purchased online and the necklace is the Dash layering chain from my shop.

The girls! The wedges I got from Dillards last season and the brand is Reba. 
Did you guys notice that I cut my hair? I just hope I won't be too lazy to not keep up with it. I swear, the only reason my hair was long was because I was too lazy to get regular cuts. I would get my hair cut once a year if that lol. I'm loving this length though, I also had it lightened up a bit. I wore my hair black for year because I loved how shiny it made my hair look, but I needed a change. 
My song came on, now whatch me whip! lol

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July Beach Vacation

Hi loves! I hope everyone had a fab 4th of July weekend. I went on a very much needed beach vacay with some friends. It was 6 of us crammed into a 1 bedroom condo, but it was on the beach so who care right? The couple on the right were staying a mile up the road so they met up with us.
This was taken from our balcony with the beach behind us, The shadow was really dark so I had to blow it out in order to see our faces lol
We got so lucky with the weather, the sun was out the whole time which left lots of time for some tanning!
Jason and I brought a huge tent with drinks for everyone and another couple brought an ice chest radio so we were definitely the people you wanted to make friends with at the beach haha!
This was the little walkway leading to the beach from our condo. 
All the condos and hotels along the beach put on firework shows, my friend was able to take this pretty cool picture of Jason and I. 
I love this pic of us facing the water! It's your typical instagram post and sums up this post perfectly! Thanks for reading, comment below and tell me about your 4th of July!

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