Tuesday, October 24, 2017

ESHO - Deciem Lip Review

I recently purchased two products from Deciem which was the new lip line by ESHO. The ones I purchased are Drench and Sculpt.

ESHO DRENCH is unlike traditional lip hydration offerings that use mainly oils and waxes to coat the surface of the lips for an immediate masking of dehydration, DRENCH uses water reservoirs to offer lasting water hydration to the lips. The lightweight formula acts as an instant, non-oily hydrator that helps maintain comfortable water content with continued use.

ESHO SCULPT combines unparalleled concentrations of pure undiluted peptides and bio-actives to encourage visible lip volume within minutes and with continued use. SCULPT is a pro-HA, pro-collagen, pro-fat and pro-water formula that offers perhaps the most advanced alternative to more invasive lip treatments.
My thoughts:
Drench- I found this to be sub par. I was hoping for a super moisturizing slightly glossy type lip balm for the lips. Instead, it left my lips dry! There was no shine, no moisturized feeling what so ever. After 10 minutes of having this on I had to apply a chap-stick over it because I needed some hydration! That's when I felt somewhat of a difference. The chap stick helped seal in whatever supposedly moisturizing ingredients are in the drench balm. The next day I used it at night, applying the drench balm and then applying a chap stick over it 5 minutes later. I woke up with really smooth and hydrated lips. This product on it's own is a dud, but applying a balm over it to seal everything in worked nicely so I feel like it should be sold as a 2 step product and they should include a sealing balm in with this product. As for the taste of it, holy hell artificial sweetener. It's literally sickening sweet. I try not to lick my lips when I have this stuff on because it literally feels like I'm eating a pack of Splenda. In short, I would not purchase again, but I will use it at night only in a 2 step process. 

Sculpt-  So Deciem claimed that this product was better than the NOID Bio lipid concentrate but at a cheaper price. However the sculpt got pretty low reviews and I have to agree with most commenters. Again, this one also has a sickly sweet taste to it, but I could have dealt with the taste if it actually claimed to do what it says! Does this plump? No, what it does do it cause some sort of irritation like most lip plumpers and make your lips tingle and brings more color to them. Another thing I noticed it does is is make your lip line more defined. You know how the edge of lips can sometimes fade into your skin color so that lip line doesn't really have any color? Well what this does is actually bring some color to that line therefore giving the appearance of a fuller pout, but it isn't in a sculpted way whatsoever. It's more like, "I just ate a jalapeno so my mouth is a little irritated" kinda way. Overall, for $30 this did not preform well at all and I will not be repurchasing. 


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