Saturday, July 6, 2013

Accessories Haul & an Upcoming Trip

I've been hauling up a storm lately, mainly accessory type things. Here's what I got within the last month (with the exception of the lion necklace which I got about 2 months ago)

Almost all the earrings came from F21 and a few are from Burlingtons

I've really been loving the look of cat eye sunglasses. I never bought a pair cause I didn't think I could pull them off...I got 2 pairs and still am not sure I can pull them off lol, but I love them! I saw these tortoise shell ones and the black pair below them and couldn't decide which ones I wanted so
 I got both. The black pair is my favorite and I've been wearing them non stop. I get them from Forever21

 I had to get this infinity scarf because I live in scarves as soon as it hits 60 down here
 I also got these Jessica Simpson sunglasses, but I may be returning them. I think they are a little too wide for my face.
 I'm going to NY for a week next month so I figured I should get myself a pair of comfy lightweight shoes. I NEVER wear tennis shoes except for going to the gym. They just make my feet too hot. When I saw these at TjMaxx I thought they were cute and they seriously weight almost nothing, but besides that they are incredibly comfortable so I had to get them.

I've been needing a jewelry tray for forever, but I've been holding out because I wanted the bigger one that has about 15 or so compartments. Well after waiting for months and not being able to find it I just caved and got this one that has 9 compartments. It has a Parisian theme and matches my wall color perfectly so I think I did alright. 

I "needed" new luggage so I figured I would treat myself to this fancy embossed ostrich one by Adrienne Vittadini. It's a 28 inch 360 spinner. I swear, if those baggage handlers at the airport jack it up I'm going to to lose my sh*t. That's actually the main reason I never buy nice expensive luggage in the first place.

Have you been hauling anything lately? Any summer vacations planned?


BeSugarandSpice said...

Que cosas tan bonitas!!!

Stephanie / Cocochic said...

LOVE that silvery/metal necklace SO much!x

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Liz Rose Bowman said...

nice haul! Love that super thick chain.

HoneyLushy said...

Such a coincidence, because last year you went to LV and I went to NY and this year you're going to NY and I went to Vegas. I have been hauling up a storm lately too, I need to seriously stop, I think my boyfriend is getting irritated haha. Love love love your lion necklace. Have you thought about soldering your own jewelry? I want to take a class.

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