Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Wishlist

So this year a have a modest wishlist.

#1 Canon SX260. It's got 20x optical zoom and takes amazing pictures. A friend of mine has this camera and her pictures in low light (or any light) always come out perfect. I currently use either my phone or my Nikon which is like 5 years old and it takes horrible pics, especially at night.

#2 Chanel Loose Powder. I want this to set my makeup. I've been back and forth between getting this one or the Laura Mercier powder, but I don't have anything by Chanel and this powder got better reviews so I'm going for this one. (Share your thoughts if you tried either one!)

#3 Michael Kors Leg Sheen. I heard it smells really good, but I want it because it's supposed to give your legs a nice glowy sheen and make then look more tanned and toned. This would be perfect to take on my cruise in February.

#4 YSL Parisienne Perfume. I just got Jimmy Choo's fragrance for Christmas, but this is another one I've been having my eye on lately. Flowerbomb is another one I really would like, but this one is cheaper. 

#5 Nars Albatross Highlighter. So this is supposed to be the best highlighter out there. I saw swatches and I think I may agree. Kim K looks amazing in it and I like how it has a slight gold sheen to it. My current highlighter is MAC's Silver Dusk.

#6 Michael Kors Handbag. I really want this one or the white one. It looks like the LV speedy, but way more affordable.

#7 Bar Cart. I've been wanting a bar cart for so long! I would seriously get rid of my dinner table in exchange for a bar cart, I could eat at the coffee table lol. There's just something about a bar cart that looks so cool and elegant, like your ready for a party at anytime. 

What's on your 2012 wishlist? Do you have any of these items?


...OBSESSIONS to LIVE FOR... said...

Omgosh I couldn't agree with you more about the bar cart! I had been thinking about transforming a small bookcase into a bar, but bar carts look so much more elegant in my opinion!

Also, I tried the CHANEL powder and wasn't much of a fan. I have normal/combo skin and found that it made my skin look sort of powdery and dry, even with a setting spray over it. However, I really love the pressed powder foundation that CHANEL does and I now use that as a setting powder for my T-zone. I know lots of people rave about the loose powder, but if you have dry skin at all I personally wouldn't recommend it. You never know though!


| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Love it!
I say get the camera first since you have your cruise next month. I have seen that MK leg shimmer thingy, I don't remember how much it was, but if you want something like that, have you tried Sally Hansen's airbrush leg? I swear by that stuff, its the best. $11 at Walmart, holler! & I totally feel you on the MK bag, I so want the one I want. sometimes has 20%, they sell MK, I think you can get your bag from there.

Tiffany said...

You'll love the MK grayson handbag!
I have it in Vanilla.. it's holds a ton. :)

MaviDeniz said...

Bethany, thanks for the info on the Chanel powder. Sucks to hear it didn't work for you. My skin is oily in the summer and combo the rest of the time. Maybe I will have better luck. I think I'll give it a try anyway and if it doesn't work i'll return it.

Sarmin, I agree about the camera. It's definitely at the top of my list.

Tiffany, I'm so jealous. I need a bag that hold a ton and I know that one would be perfect for me.


Marina H said...

Girl I want everything from your wishlist now.

<3 Marina

G A B Y said...

Wow, I was wondering what was that Michael Kors product in th picture ahah, I thought it was a razor or something! I never knew they had actual beauty products, but that Leg Sheen seems interesting!

Sanjana said...

I want that MK sheen!

Love from New York

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