Monday, September 14, 2015

#WIW - Cruise/Vacay Edition

I just got back from a week long vacay to Miami, a 4 day cruise and then Ft. Lauderdale. I thought I would share some of my outfits with you. I'm super casual on vacations. My hair will usually be in a bun or french braid 99% of the time since it's curly and I'll wear minimum to no makeup.

I saw this long line shirt on and thought it would make the perfect beach cover up and it did! I threw it on over my bikinis and was able to go straight from the beach, hop onto a trolley, grab some lunch and then do a little boutique shopping in Ft. Lauderdale.  (pay no mind to my pasty e boob there lol)

This is what I wore for the plane ride. I never wear jeans on a plane because their too constricting. These shorts are from Rue21, the top and cardigan is forever21 and the sandals are Michael Kors with my own leather and chain necklace and bracelet 

I got this romper at H&M, it makes for the perfect cover up or just casual street wear.

Miami is all about bright colors and short shorts. The top is Pink  from VS and the shorts are My favorite pair from American Eagle.

Just some arm candy and me holding a cruise ship haha. The leather and chain bracelet can be found in my shop 
I love Ft. Lauderdale! Even more so than Miami beach. It just has this more laid back vibe and is the perfect blend of City and suburb. It feels like home! The crop top is from Dillard's and the shorts are American Eagle. 
I bought this outfit with the idea of Miami South beach at night in my mind. I love the high waisted shorts paired with a bright crop top it has a sexy casual feel so it doesn't look like your trying too hard.  
I wore this fun romper from JcPenny with nude Guess wedges for Captains Night on the ship and put my hair in dutch style french braids. 

This was my casual outfit for strolling around Key West. The tank is from forever21 (can you tell I shop here often? lol) and the shorts are Abercrombie with my super comfy Croc flip flops. I can walk around for days in these.

I had such a an awesome vacation and the weather cooperated most of the time so we were pretty lucky! Thanks for reading! 


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Thanks for sharing!

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