Saturday, July 19, 2014

No, You Can't Join the Mile High Club With Us

Can you believe someone would ask that? lol, that's what happens when there's an open bar. 

Wednesday night I worked the New Orleans Tales of the Cocktail event. It took place at the Lakefront airport and the company that put it on rented the whole thing out. I was there with a few other girls promoting Solerno. This year's theme was "Around the World". It was a lot of fun and we kind of had this Pan Am thing going on. Everyone wanted to take our pics doing the Pan Am pose as they called it haha. We even made it onto and I'm sure we're in a few local papers as well since they had so many photographers there that night. 

The outdoor area above had a hawaii theme on one side with a tiki bar and ice sculpture; they even brought the sand in on trucks! The other side had an arabian tent and even a camel. I really wanted a selfie with that camel, but he was being lazy.
There is my little group below, upper right all in red. We had a bunch of fun stuff to give out that literally went within 20 minutes. We gave out these old school travel blankets that you would would have recieved on a flight and also back up battery packs for cell phones. 

 We had these "swag bags" that we must have been asked 500 times times if we were going to give them out. Our manager told us we weren't but the last 5 minutes of the event we did and it was a frenzy since there were only about 12 of them. They went in one minute and us 4 girls were able to keep one for ourselves. 
There're pretty nice, very roomy and sturdy. Now I just need to go on a flight somewhere so I can use it :) 


Venus Loves Virgo said...

Crazy photos! I love them XOXO

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