Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloweenie Twenty13

So this year I dressed up as a belly dancer. It actually a costume I got about 8 years ago. I came with pants, but I got a pair of boy cut undies, painted them purple and was good to go. I was going to a club after all where some of the people didn't have anything but body paint on, so considering that I was pretty conservative lol. 

My friend Sarah on the left dressed as a genie and my other friend Alyssa was a bartender at the event and dressed as a school girl. 
 We met up with a couple of other friends. A ninja, Chucky and Bride of Chucky
 I got Jason to dress up this year. He wouldn't go as an arab or sultan like I wanted, but he went as a Spartan :)
 My friend Heather went as Robin Thicke and her husband went as Miley. I wish I would have got a pic of her husband, it was hilarious.

 I love how Danny photobombed my pic, looks like he's saying "ruuuuun!" haha
 We went to Hells Gala this year which was way better than metro, they had an awesome light show and performers. 
  I've been friends with lyndi for about 19 years now, she NEVER goes to clubs. She recently lost a good bit of weight and wanted to celebrate in her bunny costume :)

 All the above pics took place the Saturday night before Halloween. For Halloween we had all these full size candy bars to give out. Word got out fast that we had the good stuff. Especially when one kid screamed, "I got a full bag of skittles!", kids literally crossed the street at that exact moment lol. I was wipped out in about 10 minutes. 

What did you guys do for Halloween? Any parties?


HoneyLushy said...

hot mama! Love the costume! I was pocahontas for the 6th year and a row. I think next year I'll venture out to something different.

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