Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DIY Glittered Candles

I had these cheap dollar store candles lying around so I thought I would fancy them up a little bit. All you need for this is some glue (i think any glue would work), some painters tape, a cheap paint brush, glitter of your choice and a candle.

 I used fabric glue since that's all I had. The paint brush is from the dollar store and the glitter is from Michaels and walgreens (wet n wild brand from Halloween)
 Section off the candle where you would like to apply the glitter
 Apply the glue (didn't show that step) and then generously pour on the glitter. Do it over a paper plate so you can reuse what falls off. Tap it down a few times so the loose glitter comes off.
I made this one two toned.
This project was so fun and easy that I did 2 candles. The only thing I would have done differently is to apply the glitter higher up. I think I may go back in and do that for the one on the left. 

I think I may get a few more candles and just go nuts with the glitter and make them stripped or maybe do glitter swirls on them, OOoh I may do glitter swirles on the one on the left! ~


Gaby Fauchon said...

Wow, the result is absolutely gorgeous - I bet nobody could tell these were homemade! Thanks so much for sharing!

Halima - Fashionicide said...

Fantastic post!

I've got a lot of candles lying around the house and some glitter. This would make a great gift.

Speaking of which, it's my friends 27th soon, I'm sure she'd love these!



BeautyBehaved said...

hey mavi
i started following your blog back in 2011 and then went mia from the blogging world until now im staring to get back into the swing of things.
i just wanted to let you know i truely missed your blog, and when i started thinking about blogging again yours was one of the first to come back to my mind.

your blog is fun and genuine.
& thats whats always intrigued me about it.
thank you for being you<3 and im excited to start reading your posts again


MEVISH said...

love this post what a fantastic idea ! ;D

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