Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Pieces to Mix and Match

I needed to get some new basic clothes for work that I could mix and match with pieces I already have.

So I got this black boyfriend style blazer with pink lining. It works nicely with slacks or jeans.

This one is just all black and a little shorter

This cobalt blue blazer is probably my favorite. I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it.

This brown one is by Michael Kors. 

This Khaki one gets a lot of use. It goes perfectly with everything.

I just got this one 2 days ago. Even though I mainly bought it for work to wear with slacks, I really think it looks best with jeans. For some reason when I tried it on with slacks it gave me too much of a lab coat feel. I guess cause in my last job I wore a lab coat for 3 years and it just reminds me of that. 

I absolutely love this shirt from Target. The black collar and cuffs just make it look so much more modern.

The 2 above and 2 below are from Forever21. I just can't get enough of these tops. They look great with slacks or with skinny jeans. (You can't tell in the pic, but the color block black shirt above has black cuffs to match the collar)
I'm thinking of getting some square studs off of ebay to dress up the collar a bit on the black blouse.

The angle of these pics make all the pants look so wide and short lol. They are all a size 2 petite though. The ones above are Ann Taylor Loft

Michael Kors gray slacks. I got these on sale at Macy*s

I got these brown ones below at Dillards on sale as well. They are so soft and comfy, it almost feels like im wearing PJ's 

Earrings at work have to be small. So I recently purchased a bunch of studs from F21. The glass heart I got from a thrifts store for $2 :)

What are some of your work essentials?


Alma said...

Holy girl! You have been hauling up a storm lately! I really love that cobalt blazer you have. I want one too!

Miranda Lamb said...

Love all these! I really love blazers but have yet to buy one. I don't know what it is but I just feel like I gotta get comfortable with them since I've never wore one before. Gotta try new things though right?!

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