Sunday, October 23, 2011

New purchases from L'Occitane

I've never been to L'occitane before, much less made a purchase there. I had a coupon for a free 30ml hand cream so I was really excited to try it out. The one they were giving was their best selling Cream Mains Hand Cream. I also picked up their Ultra Rich Face Soap w/ Shea Butter.

The lotion has a nice light scent to it and it feels really creamy and  moisturizing.  Even after I washed my hands they still felt nice and smooth. This hand cream retails for $10. 

Picture on left is slightly rubbed in, picture on right in rubbed in

Face Soap:
The box for the soap says: Formulated w/ a soft vegetable cleansing base, this ultra rich soap is perfect for daily face cleansing. Rich in shea butter (8%), it gently cleanses the skin w/out drying and helps to respect the hydrolipidic film. It's creamy foam leaves skin feeling comfortable, soft and fresh.

The soap is 3.5oz and is quite fragrant. Which I'm not a big fan of. I prefer my facial products to have little to no smell b/c my skin can be sensitive at times. I noticed that the fragrance didn't linger on my face for long though, maybe about 5 minutes. According to the sales lady, she says that this soap would be perfect for sensitive skin. I used it last night and didn't have any reaction to it. It lathered up nicely and my skin felt nice afterwards, not too dry or tight like how my Neutrogena cleanser leaves my skin feeling sometimes. At the same time I feel like this $10 cleanser doesn't necessarily out perform anything I can find for $5. I guess time will tell how this works for me, but so far I like it.

Have any of you made any purchases at L'Occitane? What is your favorite item from there?


Gaby Fauchon said...

I've heard A LOT about this hand cream, it's great that you got it for free! Hope it works great for you too. The texture looks really thick, which is always a plus for me x

Unknown said...

I LOVE THIS PRODUCTS...Great buys doll. "Happy Monday"

<3 Marina

Kim Axani said...

Never tried this brand before, but I've heard of it and seen it in the mall many times. The cream sounds great, and so does the face soap! I have really sensitive skin too, so would need to be careful :S

t said...

Nice buys!

Maryam Maquillage said...

aaah I love l'Occitane... is there anything else better?? i think not :)

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